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Invest in Yourself

You have nothing to lose


Resume Guide and Templates 


Career Coaching and Public Speaking

  • Mentoring session for assistance with educational or professional goal

  • Includes traditional public speaking, panel discussions, or Q&A forums


Bre has been my mentor for a few months now and she is great. She has provided me tools & advice for me to be successful in my program and is always available when I need her. If I have questions and she doesn’t know the answer right away, she will do her research and always get back to me. Even with us living in two different states she puts in the effort to make it work and that is what I appreciate about her the most! 

- Alberta, Nursing Student 


 Breonna Leon had the pleasure of being a speaker at one of our events. She is extremely a blessing to work with & I would highly recommend her services to anyone.  Breonna speaks on valuable topics in a fun and interactive way that keeps her audience engaged.  She is very helpful & knowledgeable in so many ways. At our event she had the opportunity to speak on resume tips, salary negotiation & interview tips. The members of our nonprofit nursing organization were thankful for the tips, knowledge & resources that Breonna provided to them. She remained professional & had great customer service skills.  I recommend Breonna if you are looking for a nursing speaker at your next event. 

- Alicia Hayden, BSN, RN, Cofounder Nurses Support 911

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